After surviving a car crash that killed her boyfriend, the last thing Kat Vanburgh needs is to give her parents another reason to send her to a shrink. So when Adam's spirit appears in the woods, she does what any normal seventeen-year-old teen would do. She keeps it to herself.

Complicating things further, they are forced to work together on a school play. Eric refuses to cooperate. Kat refuses to forgive. But another accident will bring them together, making Kat realize that Eric may not be the person everybody thought him to be. And as she learns about his painful past, she realizes that sometimes, letting go is easier than holding on to the past. She's just not sure how far she's willing to let go. Especially if it means losing Adam. For good.

Understudy is a YA fiction novel dealing about two young people's struggle to let go of the past and forgiving oneself. It's a love story that transcends death as the living tries to cope with the uncertainties of life and the challenges of living it.

Please stay


Kym isn't really thrilled about the idea of coming home if it isn't for her Dad's fiftieth birthday. After all, the reason she left seven years ago was to get away from the lie she told Ethan Richards, the boy she loved which happened to be the very same boy Kym's bestfriend, Michelle loved as well.

Now, as fate would have it, a chance encounter with Ethan brings back all the memories from their childhood along with bittersweet memories as they visit the places that witnessed their progression from childhood friends, to awkward teens dealing with love, peer pressure and entering the real world. As the day draws to an end, the question remains, has Ethan already moved on, or is he still waiting for Kym’s real answer to his question?

Please Stay is a young adult romance novel filled the awkwardness of young love, regret and second chances.

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