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Design a life with intention

This interview first appeared on Successilism on Mar 21, 2013

Jess is an Intentional Designer. She calls herself as such because she helps people design lives, homes, and businesses with intention.

I stumbled upon Jess’s website when I was searching for women who had found success pursuing their passion. I realized that I’ve been interviewing a lot of guys lately, and I needed to raise the women’s flag since I am one. (Go feminism!) Anyway, aside from being a fellow designer, what I find amazing with Jess is the fact that she helps other people find their own success the same way she did with hers.

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An Interview with Greg Hartle

This interview first appeared on Successilism on Feb 26, 2013

Greg Hartle is one of the people I look up to when it comes to pursuing passion in order to live a more meaningful life. After an illness that almost killed him, Greg had decided to rise up and live life to fullest, which only goes to show that it’s not too late for anyone to live life the way we want it. You can read his inspiring  journey at http://tenlap.com/journey/, but for the meantime, I present to you, Greg Hartle.

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Mapping out success: An interview with Jen and Omar

This interview first appeared on Successilism on Jan 12, 2013

I’m always excited to hear about other people’s success stories, especially if they’re from fellow artist. I mean, I love anything that involves creativity, and being able to live your life with it and succeeding at the same time is just… awesome.

I first heard about Jen and Omar as I was reading Chris Guillebeau’s, The $100 Startup. I decided to check them out thinking, what’s so cool about their maps?! Then as I’ve visited their website, I was just blown away!

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