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Can we be friends?

You know how they say that it’s harder to make friends as an adult? Well it’s much harder if you’re an adult introvert.

I like making friends. I like being able to connect with people from different walks of life. I like to know about their experiences, the roads they’ve taken that led them to the path that intersected with mine. I want to know about their opinions on things, whether it differs from mine, or if they match spot on.

But the thing is, I can’t do that in one sitting. I can’t be spontaneous. I have to meet them again and again before I start to become comfortable in their presence. I’m not good with oral words. I socialize better with the written word. It’s like having two individuals sharing a body.

I like to tell myself that it’s totally normal seeing I’m an INTJ, but the thing is, it doesn’t have to be. There’s no law telling me that I have to live by the exact definition of a personality trait that matches mine based on some questionnaire. But I can’t help it. I just can’t.

I envy people who can easily build rapport with others. The way they carry a conversation as if the person they’re speaking with is a friend they know from long ago. I just wish I can do that too. To break out of my shell and be comfortable in my own skin.

So if I ever start popping in your inbox, it’s my way of trying to be friends with you. It’s my way of extending my hand and telling you, “Hey, I like you. Can we be friends?”

Something new

I’ve owned this website for four years, and in that span of time, I’ve made a lot of changes that made me realize that I need to stick to a system that would work. A system that will prevent me from doing yet another major editing for the coming weeks, or months, or whenever there’s a blue moon.

I’ve also created a lot of other blogs, which meant purchasing hosting and domain plans, which in the end, were left abandoned. That being said, I decided to merge all “ME” related stuff under this one website not just to save but to establish my online presence in a way that makes it less confusing to other people…and to myself.

So if you’re new here, welcome to my site! To my friends who’ve been here before, well, here’s my new online home. You can still check out my design portfolio on my Behance account, which I believe, does a better job on curating them. As to what you should expect here, well… that’s the thing about expectations, it demands to be intriguing.