Accomplishing The IMPOSSIBLE: An Interview with Joel Runyon

This interview first appeared on Successilism on May 10, 2013

Aside from his hot bod, THE ABS! (sorry, I’m a woman, remember?) What I found amazing with Joel Runyon is the fact that he keeps on challenging himself. And I think that his blog, the IMPOSSIBLE HQ is aptly named for the things that he do, as he tackles impossible things and make them, well…possible.

How would you describe yourself?

What was your childhood dream?
Like every other kid growing up in Chicago in the 90s, I wanted to be Michael Jordan.

Things you wish you did differently?
I wish I would have started sooner.

Was there a time you felt like you were just wasting your time pursuing something that seemed far-fetched to other people?
All the time. But that’s what you have to do if you want to do things you’ve never done before.


What prompted you to start IMPOSSIBLE HQ?
I was bored with my life and sick of living in my parents basement. I wanted to do a bunch of things but kept dismissing them out of hand because they were impossible. I finally just got sick of telling myself that and decided to go ahead and try something (even if I failed miserably).The full story is in my manifesto.

What were the things you found impossible before that you were able to accomplish now?
I have a whole list of them 🙂

Not anyone can do what you do, and as much as we want to live our life doing the things we’re passionate about, it just won’t work out for other people. What do you think you did differently that made you succeed?
ANYone can do it. Not EVERYone will. I stuck it out when most people would quit (not to say I’ve arrived yet either though).

What are the things you found really challenging when you decided to live by your own terms? How did you deal with it?
The hardest part is doing what you want to do in spite of everyone else telling you what you should do. There’s no magic pill here – you just have to be crazy enough to believe your hunch is actually write and keep going in spite of what anyone else thinks.

How do you define success?
Success for me is defined by whether or not I’m continually pushing to expand my limits.

Describe a typical day for you?
“I wake up and try to do 15-20 minutes of jump rope intervals to start. I dive into my top 3 tasks for the day. About 1-2 hours after I wake up, I typically have a brunch or lunch. I keep working till about 6 or 7pm. After which, I’ll take a break & head to the gym for 60-90 minutes total. After that, I’ll come home, eat some more, and “relax” and try to unwind (sometimes I do this by finishing up some more work – but I need to work on this).

What inspires you?
Finding out what I’m really, truly capable of.

Advice for people who want to become successful with their own endeavors?
Find what you want to do and go after it. Don’t quit – seriously just don’t quit.

So, what’s next?
I’m working on creating a variety of free resources (like this one on how to start a blog and this guide to the paleo diet). We recently released a mexican paleo recipe cookbook and a killer paleo food list. I’m also finishing making Impossible Abs one of the best fitness programs out there and taking my cold shower therapy program to a whole new level.